Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rebate can I expect?

Your maximum rebate is 1.5% on purchases under $250,000 and 2% over $250,000 of the base price of the property and is based upon 3% commission paid to New Home Rebate Realty. Most major home builder's will pay a 3% commission to real estate companies that bring them potential customers. New Home Rebate Realty will issue back to our customers their rebate within 21 or sooner on closing and funding. 

Can I still get a rebate if my home builder is not listed on your website?

Yes, most home builders will work with Real Estate Companies. They want us to bring them potential buyers.

What information do I take when I go visit a subdivision or development?

Click here to print our online business card to take with you. Simply tell the on site agent you would like to register New Home Rebate Realty with the home builder on your first visit to the subdivision or development. This will enable you to participate in our rebate program.

How do I know I will receive a cash rebate by using this program?

We are licensed Real Estate Brokers and governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We have a contractual agreement with rebate form holders who have followed the instructions. We are obliged to pay the rebate upon the closing of your property and receipt of our commission from the home builder. Funds for your rebate will come from the commission paid by home builder. Once you have signed an agreement to purchase with the home builder and you have submitted all of the required information, we will issue a letter stating the exact rebate amount you will receive upon the successful closing of your property

How do I know if my home builder cooperates with realtors?

Please contact us at anytime and we will let you know. We will verify any information regarding the commission amount paid by the builder you are considering writing a purchase agreement with. We will notify you immediately with what your rebate amount will be. Again, most major homebuilders do pay real estate companies a 3% commission for bring them new home buyer's. 

What if I am working with another agent but I want to get a rebate through New Home Rebate Realty?

You may be eligible as long as your agent has not registered you with a home builder. If you have entered into an exclusive Buyers Agency Agreement that covers any property you would buy, within a certain time limit, you will not be eligible until the agreement expires or is canceled. If you are concerned about eligibility you may contact us by e-mail: or call us 281-948-8764 or 281-334-8953.

What if I have already visited the subdivision or development?

Generally, you would not be eligible for our program. That is why it is important our customers register on the first visit with an on-site agent. Some home builders policies vary. Again, please check with us by e-mail:

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